Customer Testimonials

Here's what a few of our members have to say about Tr1be Fitness!
  1. I never leave feeling discouraged or disappointed! I leave feeling empowered and on fire!
  2. The instructors are amazing, and are very encouraging! I've created a family here and love it! Keep being the wonderful, beautiful, an caring people you are! The programs are the as well!
  3. Dawn and Katherine truly care about all of their members. Positive people with huge hearts!
  4. My story started years ago when I was diagnosed with the BRKA 1 gene for cancer. I did not know what my life would be like after the surgeries but I know I had to have the double mastectomy and hysterectomy because my mother had breast cancer and ovarian cancer and I am not a gambler. It was not even a year later that I was told I had osteoarthritis, which was hard to hear at my young age. For years I have gone to the gym and lifted weights on my own, not able to afford a personal trainer. Several fast forward and after many different bone medications, shots, and endless amounts of vitamins, I was having pains in my lower back. I couldn't sit for long periods. I got to where I couldn't tie my shoes without pain and started to have to use a walker when my sciatica nerve flared up. I received a diagnoses that my arthritis was now in my lower spine and I also had disc degenerative disease. My doctor gave me the option of PT three days a week and to see a surgeon. I was desperate not to have surgery and asked to research on my own to find a trainer. I was told about this new place called Tr1be Fitness by my coworker and decided to give it a try. There are several trainers, a range of different classes to meet all of your workout needs, and women just like me struggling to stay young and healthy. Just 6 months into my workouts I've lost weight, feel better than I have in years but most importantly, I am not using a walker and I can tie my shoes without any pain at all. I am forever grateful to have found a place that is like having a personal trainer without the expense. There is such a diverse crowd of people all having one goal, and we support each other. We are a family working hard to become a better version of ourselves every day. I have come farther in 6 months with Tr1be than I have in 5 years doing this on my own. I am forever grateful for my new family and to all the amazing trainers. Strive better than you were yesterday but not as good as you will be tomorrow.
  5. My fitness journey started almost 3 years ago. I can tell you that I have had the best success since joining Tr1be Fitness. Adding strength training (BODYPUMP, CXWORX, GRIT Strength) to my cardio and having a nutrition plan created at the studio have been the biggest pieces of my success. I have a ways to go, but I finally feel like I will reach my goals thanks to my family at Tr1be Fitness!